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Attorneys, security/safety executives, business owners, and insurance providers hire 360AP to help protect and improve their people, property and profitability. We do this by providing security, safety, loss prevention, risk management, and investigative services that reveal and document the facts and information they need. Our professionals provide training and conduct thorough objective assessments, audits, covert observations of drivers and facilities, etc. and provide tailor-made services that allow you to make important decisions regarding an incident, program, or company-wide security strategy.

Recent events have shown all too well that no one is immune from serious crime, violence and/or physical attack, especially businesses. Businesses have been affected by increased incidents of: fraud, violence and/or physical attack, vandalism, hate crimes, internal crimes including thefts of property, staff misconduct, and crimes targeting management. Geographical location, whether urban or rural, does not guarantee safety or security from intentional or random acts of violence and criminal conduct. In addition, high level management or high profile individuals or people in the public eye are at an increased risk, bearing that risk themselves, as well as bringing that risk to their place of employment and residency each day.
You probably manage risks every day. When you need professional Security, Safety, Investigation, Risk Management, and Loss Prevention services in the Atlanta area or internationally call us.