Assessment & Auditing

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Who’s checking to insure your programs or systems are designed and operating effectively and efficiently?

The objective of an audit or assessment should be to provide analysis and information that will allow for the development or support of a comprehensive Security, Safety, or Operations program.

Our solution services are all-inclusive and all-encompassing. We can identify and document that compliance and productivity measures currently exist in your program, which will act in support of any future claims and allegations to the contrary. We can also identify that non-compliance and opportunities exist, which will support your pursuit of enhancement. The outcome of our successful assessment/auditing programs will be that your business is a safe and productive environment for employees, contractors, or visitors.

There are different levels of assessments/audits that we can tailor to meet your needs:

  • Covert Assessment – Without having contact with your employees, we can conduct observation operations of company vehicles, review company property physical measures and/or company employees to identify potential safety and security violations.
  • Safety & Security Assessment – The vulnerability evaluation regarding the effectiveness of the current safety and security practices and procedures at a facility.
  • Risk Assessment – The complete review of a potential risk. The components include identifying and rating the vulnerability, threat, and impact of the risk.
  • Program Audit - A consistent and calculated method to determine how a program is working. We have developed Vendor Compliance audits, Shipping Accuracy audits, and Regulatory Compliance audits.



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