Safety Inspections & Investigations

istock_000000452723xsmallAccidents are costly!  Therefore, you should select an investigation firm that not only understands OSHA regulations and employment law, but also knows how to properly conduct the workplace investigation by performing interviews, gathering facts, and piecing the case together.  Our investigators have years of experience in conducting various types of workplace accident investigations.  How do you know that your investigator understands these critical areas and has the experience?


Does your investigator know why an internal accident investigation should never include photos of blood of your injured employee?  We do!

Has your investigator ever conducted an investigation with an OSHA Inspector after an accident, including a fatality?  We have!

Can the investigator conduct interviews with empathy and document them to support and protect your interests?  We will!

We are also able to perform a root cause analysis and review safety practices that can help prevent accidents from occurring.

Depending on your business, you may be under the regulatory umbrella of, and encounter inspections from, numerous government agencies.  We can conduct a myriad of inspections and program reviews to ensure you are ready for the day an inspector shows up at your door, including:

  • City, state, federal licensing
  • OSHA
  • ATF
  • CBP
  • DEA
  • EPA
  • FDA