Our specialties are in the Corporate Fraud and Theft Resolution areas, but we have investigated missing persons, molestation claims, and numerous other major crimes.

istock_000003184357xsmallAs an independent firm, we conduct thorough objective investigations for companies and the law firms that represent them.  This allows our clients to make informed decisions.  Our experienced investigators work with your team to assist in:

  • Prosecution, litigation, and restitution
  • Determining cause and effect
  • Preparing plans for future risk reduction

Our methods include:

  • Surveillance Operations
    • Covert systems and mobile unit personnel
    • Overt systems consulting and operational improvement
    • Assessment programs designed to monitor operational compliance
  • Interviewing of witnesses and suspects. Trained in advanced interviewing techniques, such as Certified Forensic Interviewing (CFI) through the world-renown Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc. improves our success rate.
  • Accessing numerous nationwide research databases
  • Partnering with the best professionals our industry has to offer

Ultimately, investigative services allow employers to enforce the integrity of their organization while reinforcing their reputations following incidents of employee fraud, embezzlement, hidden assets, substance abuse, identity theft, sabotage, theft, sexual harassment, and various forms of hostile and inappropriate conduct.

Our proven investigative techniques have enabled our clients to reduce liability, improve morale, and increase productivity.  Many companies attempt to solve their investigations in-house.  Let us consult with you before you make a costly investigative mistake.